You are important to us! We provide all our customers with the same level of respect and dignity, whether you are a contractor, a first-time customer or a long-standing patron.

We have opened a brand new well-stocked showroom, just waiting for your browsing!
Neither is your shopping limited to what is available in front of you. We have the ability to source a large caliber of products you may require. Our counter staff will go above and beyond to listen to your needs and provide you with solutions! As well, we offer technical support and knowledge behind our product.

We have a full range of electrical supplies as well as a number of tools for your convenience.
From the simplest pieces for wiring electrical switches to the more complicated automation controls and motor installation components, we are your one-stop shop! An electrical contractor’s dream!

Our whole team is dedicated to supplying you as the customer with more service at greater profitability. We know our field and we love our job!