Rolan Inc


for many of the following items

Electric Motors  *  Generators  *  Automation & Controls

Bearings  *  Gearboxes  *  Belts & Sheaves 


In 1989, Duane Martin identified a requirement among the agricultural community for repair of power transmission equipment.  Rolan Maintenance Service was born and has since grown from a one man shop to Rolan Inc,  the sales  and service business it is today!

Rolan Inc. is Now an Electrical Wholesaler!
Contractors come to Rolan for supplies


Motor Shop

Rolan offers a full range of rewinding, rebuilding, and repair of AC and DC motors.  We carry a full supply of various capacitors, start switches, mechanisms, bearings and end bells for immediate repairs.

Panel Shop

Equipped with the latest tools for diagnosing and programming PLC's, VFD drives, and other logic controllers, combined with the buying power of being an authorized distributor for Eaton Yale, Rolan Inc is capable of providing a high quality solution for any situation required by our customers at a competitive price.

started as Rolan Maintenance Service in 1989

Rolan Inc, Elmira, ON