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Electric Motors

Electric Motors

Rolan Inc. is one of the most experienced repair and parts providers for electric motors in Canada. We have been providing electric motor sales & service since 1989 and understand the varied requirements such as quick turnaround or the ability to source specialty motors and components.

Based on our experience and resources, we are able provide various types of electric motors and their parts for a wide range of industries like agriculture, transportation, automobile, manufacturing, and much more. In spite of many types of electric motors available for a wide range of industries, we are capable of covering the repairs and parts. Our position as an authorized distributor for a variety of motor brands allows us to provide you with parts for both simple and complex or the latest electric motors. Our well equipped motor shop has the capability to do full rebuilds and rewinds or modifications to almost any motor up to 100 Hp.

Our branches maintain stock of commonly needed motors, including Farm Duty and Industrial Duty motors. We also stock a wide range of replacement furnace fan and blower motors. We keep a wide variety of capacitors and other motor parts in stock.

Our deep rooted knowledge of the field and rich experience allow us to be able to meet your requirements with efficiency and promptness.